Success Stories

Every person has his/ her own success story and our success is in their success. Here are some worth mentioning:


Dr. Bikkar Singh Lalli


This site is very beneficial for the local public. There is no other resource center in this area where people can get free computer training at their own pace and access to Internet.

We have trained nearly fifty-five people, along with ten to twelve recent immigrants, who couldn’t afford to learn computer in other institutions.

It is an ethnic area mainly Punjabi Indians, who have communication problems, as most of them don’t know adequate English. As I can speak Punjabi and Hindi, so it has been easy for them to follow instructions. Some were hesitant in the beginning because of language barrier but in their own language they feel comfortable in following instructions very nicely.

I thought of utilizing the Sikh Temple to make people aware that this facility is available to them. They didn’t know that it existed. We announced about our program in the Sunday congregation and distributed flyers. We had very encouraging response and on the very first day about thirty aspirants came to the center to be enlisted.

In the beginning they had no idea what they can use computer for. First I investigated what their interests and needs were and I approached their requirements in the simplest possible way. Once I told them that they could have their information in the language they like, they became enthusiastic about reading news; listen to music, set up e-mail account and entertainment programs.

In my opinion, our biggest achievement is that we are changing public attitude towards technology, making them aware, how it can make a difference in their lives. And secondly, to find out the solutions for their daily needs and interests in travel, entertainment, e-commerce, job hunting, and communication etc.


Rajwinder Janda

This community center plays an important role in providing colorful and interesting lifestyle to local senior citizens, who are depressed or shocked due to sudden changes in their lives (retirement or migrate to a different country, adapt a new culture). The missions of our program for youth is to provide skills needed in today’s work and educational world, help them to find good jobs for bright future and for seniors to get interested in information technology and be educative, active, and independent. Almost ninety to hundred people have taken advantage of this program.
Regarding the success of this program, I would like to mention about myself. Prior to start this job, even though I had qualification and skills, but I wasn’t confident about it. I had not any work experience and not any idea how to fit in the work environment.
I have worked with people of different background, experiences, and education levels. By their inspirations or sharing the views, today I found a power and confidence in myself, which inspires me to excel in career and life. I am so motivated for the better future and able to take decisions with confidence.
This community center didn’t only make changes in my carrier and life but in other youngsters and new immigrants too, who are unconfident about what to do (which career to choose, should they study further or work) and scared to put a step further or think it’s way hard to find a job in their fields.


Mr. Karmjit Malhi

This is Mr. Karmjit Malhi. Due to stroke he can’t speak and act properly. He is paralyzed on right side. On the very first day he said to me, “Someone has told me that I can never learn computer due to my disability.”

I encouraged him to come and have a go. He did. He was too slow to start with. But I encouraged him a lot to face this challenge head on. I had to plan according to his capabilities. I prepared special notes for him and gave him more time than other students.

Now with my encouragement and his dedication, he is amazed with his progress. He is learning faster than many others. Now he is able to use e-mail, brows on the net, find information, basic MS-Word, entertainment etc. He seems quite confident using computer on his own most of the time.

So he is a living example of success. He has proved that if you have genuine interest, enthusiasm and dedication there is nothing that you can’t do.


Mr. Dhaliwal 

These are Mr. Dhaliwal’s own comments:

I am Mohinder Dhaliwal. I have been attending computer classes in CAP from Aug 20, 2005. Prior to that I never touched a computer and was scared of it. I was thinking that if I touched and manipulate it, something would go wrong. But after attending classes, I am now confident to operate it and explore Internet, find out what is happening in the world, can use e-mail; create, save, type and print documents. I can find out bus schedule, renew library books and obtain any information from other sites.

The program is a boon for me and others who attend it. Rajwinder Janda teaches in such a way that all doubts are cleared and learners feel at ease, satisfied and elated.

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Success Stories 

We have trained nearly fifty-five people, along with ten to twelve recent immigrants, who couldn’t afford to learn computer in other institutions.

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