Services Provided

We provide free computer training and access to the Internet
Basic Computer Training:

Learn how to use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for creating and editing resume.

Internet Browsing: E-mails, Job Search, and Finding Information Online

Daily Needs:

  •    Find Bus Schedule
  •    Renew Books Online from library
  •    Read Newspapers Articles
  •    Air Tickets
  •    Listen to Music online
  •    Watch TV online
  •    Online Banking
  •    Punjabi Editor

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is a popular computer program that allows you to create and edit text documents, such as resume, research papers and official letters.

Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is a popular computer program that allows you to create and edit spreadsheets, which are used to store information in columns and rows that can then be organized and/or processed. Spreadsheets are designed to work well with numbers but often include text.

Special Events 

Watch out for the Surrey-Delta/Indo-Canadian Seniors’ Society coming events in the fall of 2007.

Success Stories 

We have trained nearly fifty-five people, along with ten to twelve recent immigrants, who couldn’t afford to learn computer in other institutions.

Hours of Operations

Monday to Sunday:      
11am - 5pm



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