About Us

Surrey-Delta/Indo-Canadian Seniors’ Society Community Access Program is a non-profit organization funded by Federal Government and Vancouver Community Network. Federal government provides funding to such programs to bridge the gap between the people who have the access to the Information Technology and the people who don’t. This community centre is founded to help the people of all demographics. All services provided here are free.


In my opinion, our biggest achievement is that we are changing public attitude towards technology, making them aware, how it can make a difference in their lives. And secondly, to find out the solutions for their daily needs and interests in travel, entertainment, e-commerce, job hunting, and communication.


Six computers with Internet, Printer, Scanner, laptop and projector, six sets of speakers.

Special Events 

Watch out for the Surrey-Delta/Indo-Canadian Seniors’ Society coming events in the fall of 2007.

Success Stories 

We have trained nearly fifty-five people, along with ten to twelve recent immigrants, who couldn’t afford to learn computer in other institutions.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday:      

9 am - 2 pm




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